Best Place to go Grocery Shopping!

Hey friends! I have discovered a new grocery store to check out! We are all about fresh eating at Three Roses Bed and Breakfast and we have found the perfect store to match our mission.

Now before I tell you all about my behind the scenes tour of this


grocery store.... make sure you check out this entire blog post.

We have included:

- My wild adventure on the side of the highway

- New Guava and Cheese Recipe

Now lets get to it!

As some of you know, I am from Oswego, Illinois. It's about a hour and a half north from Pontiac. I go home every now and then to go see my parents. Well this past week I decided to check out a new grocery store that came across my Facebook news feed. It's called, Peter Rubi, and its located in Plainfield, Illinois. This store is no bigger than the first floor at the Bed and Breakfast! And it is jammed packed with fresh, vibrant, amazing produce.

The best place to get Fruit and Veggies!!!

John and Maria Graves own Peter Rubi with long ties to the produce world. John had a battle with cancer that has led him to invest in a healthy eating lifestyle. John has an infectious energy when talking with him. Check out this video where he tells Three Roses Bed and Breakfast about Peter Rubi and a bit about himself.

The store was buzzing with activity! I mean who wouldn't be jumping all over the crazy deals here! They had a flat of strawberries for $5! I can barely get 2 containers from other stores for that price. The other REALLY neat thing they do is "Bucket Deals." You get a bucket of, (whatever the deal is for the day), for $1 or $2 dollars! I got a bucket of bananas for the Bed and Breakfast for $2! They had containers of tomatoes for .10 cents! SAAAAAYYYY WHHHAAAAAAAT!?! Right!?!

And this leads us to....GUAVA!

Truth moment...I have never tried Guava.

I mean, I have had Guava juice from being married to the Sexi Mexi.

But other than Guava juice, I don't think I could pick a Guava out of a lineup of exotic fruit.

BUT! Peter Rubi had an entire case of Guava for $5!


So, I took a leap of faith and bought an entire case of Guava! No idea what I was going to do with it, but I was feeling pretty proud of scoring such a good deal.

Cruising home to Three Roses Bed and Breakfast...thinking about these little yellow fruits in my back seat, I decided that I should at least try one before I go thinking up ways to use these. I seriously pulled over on the side of I-55 somewhere around Dwight and climbed back in my super cool mom mini-van. I dig out one of these little yellow buggers and I am 100% skeptical of it. It's the size of a golf ball, I assumed there was a center pit....oh, I could not have been more wrong! As I am chilling in the backseat getting ready to eat something that I am telling myself I am not going to like, I just went for it! I bit that sucker, expecting to find a pit, annnnnd no pit was to be found. This little yellow golf ball shocked my tastebuds! It was super juicy and sweet, tangy sweet. It was delicious! How could I have gone 30-something years without trying this amazing fruit!?!

For those of us who have not tried a Guava....go and get one and try it!

And when you fall in love with this fruit...go to Peter Rubi and get yourself a case!

I know you are wondering about what happened to the pit!?!

They have tons of super tiny seeds on the inside. You can eat these, however we will talk about how to cook with Guava and not use the seeds in a bit.

Make sure to go checkout Peter Rubi's Facebook!

John's videos will put anyone in a good mood!


Guava Cheese Pastries

Ingredients :

- 20 yellow Guavas

-1 package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese

- 2 packages of Puff Pastry

- 1 Egg

- 1 Tablespoon of Sugar

- 1 package of Blackberries

- Water


- Food processor or blender

- 1 Strainer

- 2 Bowls

- Spatula

- 2 Spoons

- 1 Knife


- Wash your yellow Guavas. Don't worry about removing the brown ends or the bad spots, they are going to be blended and then strained.

- Put a few Guavas in your food processor with a bit of water, to help with the blending, and blend these up on high for 3 minuets. You want the consistency to be more liquid-y than paste but not runny. A nice in between paste and liquid. Lets call this a soft paste. You do NOT want liquid runny Guava. Essentially, we are making Guava Purée.

- Once you have those blended up, you are going to pour this onto your strainer over your bowl. Use your spatula to push the paste through the mesh. The screen will catch all the millions of tiny seeds that are inside these little yellow balls of goodness.

- Continue this process until all your Guavas are blended up and strained.

- Once you have your bowl purée, you can clean up your food processor. You are done with it.

- Cream cheese- it should be room temperature, so you can smooth it out on top of the puff pastry. If it is not soft enough for this, stick it in the microwave until it softens up.

- Puff Pastry- I played around with the shape of how I wanted these cut. For me it worked best to cut the dough in rectangles. Get creative! You choose the shape you want. I chose to cut the dough 3 down and 4 wide rectangles.

- Assembly time! A spoon of cream cheese, spread it on half of your dough piece. Then a spoon of Guava on top of your cream cheese.

- Cut a SMALL slit on the other half, where there is no cream cheese or guava. I emphasize small, because it stretches when sealing the edges up.

- Time to fold and seal it up- Fold in half, use a fork to press the edges together and create that professional little lines all around the edges

- Take your egg and separate the yolk from the white. You will use the egg white to brush over the top of your folded and sealed up pastry.

- When the egg white is still wet, sprinkle some sugar over the top

- They go in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 mins.

When they come out, let them cool on a cooling rack.

Blackberry Sauce:

- Follow the same steps in making Blackberry Purée as you did with making the Guava Purée. You need to get the seeds out of the berries.

- When your purée is strained and ready to go... You can add a dollop in the slit you cut of the top of your pastry or you could get real fancy an drizzle it all over the top.


This recipe takes a bit of work getting the purée but it is oooohhhhhh, so delicious!

Please tag us when you make these! We love seeing your hard work.

Facebook: @ThreeRosesBedandBreakfast

Insta: @ThreeRosesBnB

If you wan to go check out Peter Rubi yourself... go visit them at:

Peter Rubi

15412 S Route 59

Plainfield, IL 60544

Tell them Three Roses Bed and Breakfast set you!

Have a wonderful day today! Three Roses Bed and Breakfast

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