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We have been painting and bedazzling our new dining rooms. All the wallpaper is down. We have fresh, clean painted walls. Highly, highly recommend using a wallpaper steamer. It made all the difference when removing 2 ginormous rooms covered in paper. I have linked the steamer we used here,

wallpaper steamer. It seriously is the best invention, next to TV's, cellphones and cars! The only negative side to the steamer only comes with one large rectangle attachment. I wish someone would make a half size, to get in between windows.

The wall color is Sherwin Williams SW1253 Purple Rain.

Now its time for the fun...painting furniture and adding decor!

Here is one of the tables in the first dining room at Three Roses Bed and Breakfast. It has signs of tons of love. Since we are a Bed and Breakfast we have total freedom to do things a little louder and bolder than one might do in their own home. So, we went with a dark blue on the table and an old white on the chairs. The blue we used is, Blue Grey: White:

We sealed it with a water based poly to make sure we protected the paint, yet it was user friendly to the touch. We do use this table a lot at the Bed and Breakfast. I wanted a poly that was tough yet smooth to the touch. Here is the link to the poly:

Steps on how to paint this table!?!

- Wash it down with soap and water

- Use a degreaser such as TSP

- Spray it down with water and wipe clean

- Lightly sand with an 80-120 grit sandpaper, you want the surface to remove the shine from the top, you do not need to take it down to the wood. Just enough to remove the gloss.

- Spray it down with water and wipe clean

- Let it dry for 24 hours, even though it may be dry to the touch, there may be water inside the wood. If the wood is not dry it will effect your paint.

- Painting time! We did 3 coats: white first, then 2 coats of blue grey

- Let each coat dry before applying the next coat

- When the paint has cured, we waited 3 days, its time to distress

- We used a 120 grit sand paper and lightly distressed the top and sides.

I always get nervous about distressing because I am worried I am not going to like it. The nice thing is if you do not like it, you can just put the paint back by painting it again. Everything is fixable

- Once you are finished distressing, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean

- Poly time! Poly can be tricky. I found it is best to put it on thick and brush it out. I do not like to see the brush strokes. Putting it on thick allows for me to brush it out and I can see when it starts to get thin.

- Let it set and apply as many coats as you prefer. The more coats the "glassier" it will look.

Make sure to tag us on Social Media when you paint! We love seeing your work.

Facebook: Three Roses Bed and Breakfast

Instagram: @threerosesbnb

Happy painting!

Three Roses Bed and Breakfast

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