Princess Party Decorations

Our first ever Princess Tea Party is Sold Out in March of 2019! Woot woot!

We have opened a second date on April 13, 2019.

Purchase your tickets here :-)

Now is time for the fun part....DECORATING!!!

I think I purchased all the tulle within a 100 mile radius. I literally have over 300 yards of tulle to decorate with! It is going to be a puffy Princess Party!

Listed below are the links and instructions to all the DIY projects :-)

- Tulle Table Skirt

- 2 box center pieces

- 2 cupcake stands

- Balloon garland for the stairs

Tulle Table Skirt

I am making a tulle table skirt for our main buffet in our main dining room. I have to be honest, tutus are not my favorite thing to make. They take a lot of repetition and time that I just do not have the focus for. So, I decided that instead of cutting a bizzillion strips of tulle and knotting them to the elastic...I would just tuck it to the elastic instead! Much faster and more or less it gave the same result.



Tulle- I used 3 colors in total for the skirt (white, light pink and hot pink) (White)~ Amazon has the best deal for White Tulle. The other colors came from JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart. Watch the sales for JoAnns. Depending on the sale JoAnns may be cheaper.

Twinkle Lights- Do NOT forget to order batteries! Each string takes 3 batteries per string.

2 Center Piece Boxes

These were super easy and fun to make! Total cost of making two complete center pieces ~ $20!

To watch the YouTube tutorial....Watch me in Action Here! This video will show BOTH how I made the Center Piece Boxes and the Cupcake Stands


*All came from the Dollar Store

(8) 4x6 Picture Fames- Make sure to get a light color frame, its easier to cover when paining

(4) Squares of Floral Foam

1 sheet of Foam Poster Board

16-20 Floral Picks

Tulle- some of those leftover scraps work great!

1 can of White Spray Paint

2 Cupcake Stands

*Dollar Store finds

2 glass candle holders

2 glass candle plates

1 can of Ocean Mist Spray Paint

Balloon garland for the stairs

Pink Balloon Kit

Balloon Inflator- Trust me...well worth purchasing!

Ballon Tape and Glue Dots

Floral Wire

Our first ever Princess Party was a HUGE success! We are looking forward to doing many more!

Next Princess Tea Party is Saturday, April 13, 2019

Purchase your tickets here

Hope you have a wonderful day!