Turn that Mirror Upside Down

Three Roses Bed and Breakfast

Pontiac, Illinois

Hellooooo mirror!!!

This beautiful mirror sat on top of a dresser in the Garden Room at Three Roses Bed and Breakfast. Its BIG, beautiful and super heavy! But we had another idea of where we could use it...

#TeamBedandBreakfast was faced with a unique situation... we had a just taken down all the wall paper in the Dining Rooms and painted the walls a fresh grey (the color is, Sherwin Williams, Let it Rain SW9152). However, we had a naked wall above the statement buffet!

So... we were on a hunt to find something unique to go above. We are always looking for ways to repurpose and reuse items around the Bed and Breakfast...and we came across the dresser and mirror in our Garden Room.

We LOVE the details of the wood, however the Garden room is very dark and heavy with its current color story. So, what better way to lighten a room up, than take a piece of furniture out!

We separated it from the dresser, measured it to make sure it would fit on the wall, and it did!

So, we got to work.

Steps for painting:

- Sprayed it down with soap and water

- Then used a degreaser, TSP

- Scrubbed in all the nooks and crannies with a wire brush.

If you have not used these wire brushes...they are a game changer! You need at least 37 in your life!

- Washed it down with soap and water one last time and let it dry for 24 hours

While it was drying...we went shopping for paint!

The paint we used is, Rust-Oleum 285140 Ultra Matte Interior Chalked Paint 30 oz, Linen White.

The next day...Painting began!

We tapped off the mirror and brushed the wood with a healthy coat of paint. We knew we were going to distress the mirror. So, painting perfectly was not a priority.

**Word of caution**

With the grooves in the wood work. Be very careful not to put too much paint on your brush. You do not want giant pools of paint filling in the details.

We had a thought to turn the mirror upside down and add a shelf for additional storage. As crazy as that sounded, we kept coming back to this idea.

We are lucky enough to have a large pile of scrap wood in the attic, so we went on a hunt for a shelf!

TAAAA-DAAAAA! It was meant to be! The shelf you see in the picture was what we found.

We did not have to cut it or add the trim! All we had to do was clean it and paint it. Talk about luck!

Day 2

Distressing Day!

Today we distressed the raised areas to give the Shabby Chic distressed look to the mirror. We used

120 grit sandpaper to distress and expose the wood color beneath the paint.

Once we got the mirror and shelf distressed to our liking, we wiped it down with a dust cloth.

**Chalk paint is water soluble. If you use soap and water it will wipe off.

Next we sealed it. We used, a water based poly. This seals the paint and adds a mate finish.

Last step:

- We cut the legs off of the mirror that were used to attach the mirror to the dresser.

- Screwed the shelf into the base of the mirror

- Attached the cleat to the wall and the back of the mirror

This cleat is the coolest piece of hardware! It was super easy to screw on and it can hold up this heavy mirror with no problem! It has tons of wiggle room side to side, so there is no stress about trying to line up hooks and holes.

Lastly is the part I most enjoy...jazzing it up with home decor items!

-The lamp, navy blue suit case, milk glass lights all from a local vintage store in Pontiac, Illinois